Micro Focus UFT One Review

The test execution time cycle was reduced from weeks to hours. The ability to run multiple Lean FT or UFT tests in parallel on the same machine is needed.

Valuable Features

The most valuable features of UFT to me are:

  • UFT best supports automation of desktop based applications like AS400 apps, Java apps, SAP application, etc.
  • UFT comes with built-in test frameworks like BPT. Using these frameworks test development can be started within no time.
  • Lean FT provides the flexibility to the users to code in Java.
  • UFT provides the flexibility to run the same tests against a variety of browsers like Chrome, Firefox and IE.

Improvements to My Organization

Manual execution of tests is always time consuming. With the help of UFT, the test execution time cycle was reduced from weeks to hours. This is essentially a giant leap. UFT framework enables to do easy and quick fixes to tests so that automation suite can still be run in case of changes in application. This feature is essentially very important for agile projects.

Room for Improvement

  • Ability to run multiple Lean FT or UFT tests in parallel on the same machine.
  • Lean FT to support desktop based applications as well.

Use of Solution

I have been using HP UFT/QTP for the last 10 years.

Deployment Issues

There were no issues with the deployment.

Scalability Issues

UFT or Lean FT tests can only execute only one test on one machine. When the number of automation tests are very high, say 5000 to 10000, even with eight to 10 licenses, UFT can take over 24 hours for execution. This is unacceptable in agile projects. The regression test execution time is expected to be less than one hour for any agile project.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

The customer service is prompt.

Technical Support:

The technical support do not answer the questions to the point.

Initial Setup

The initial set-up of UFT is quick and easy. The set-up instructions are straightforward and easy to understand. However, for a few applications such as AS400 and POS, the set-up requires a few installation steps to be followed in a specific sequence. If this is missed, then UFT may not recognize application objects at all.

Implementation Team

I will always recommend setting up an in-house team with one test automation lead, one test automation architect and rest automation developers. However, if a vendor team offers a more cost effective solution, then the same team structure is to be implemented at their site.


For the QTP/UFT projects I have worked on ROI is always over 300% in the long term.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

UFT offers a variety of licenses like seat licenses and concurrent licenses. If the automation team is small, say two to four, and fixed, node locked seat licenses would be preferable. Else, it is always advisable to go with concurrent licenses.

Other Solutions Considered

I have evaluated multiple paid and open source tools. I have evaluated paid tools like IBM Rational Functional Tester, TestComplete, Ranorex, Microsoft UI Automation, etc. Among these, HP UFT always tend to have better support for enterprise wide applications. However, if the requirement is to automate only a few applications, other tools can be considered. For web based application automation, Selenium WebDriver (open source) is the best automation tool.

Other Advice

It is always advisable to set the expectations right before starting any automation activity. Automation ROI is always negative for the first few months. The actual dividends of implementing automation will be reaped in the long term only. Also, automation is a continuous development/maintenance project same as application development. Without test maintenance, automated tests will not be useful in future.

Which version of this solution are you currently using?

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarit_user337155 (User with 501-1,000 employees)

UFT is a client based application - with licenses involved - meaning you can really only bring up one instance of the application on the machine. Also, if you understand the way the tool works with object recognition you would realize that running multiple tests (if it became possible at the same time would cause object recognition issues especially if those tests were testing the same "window" or "page" as it may be - UFT can recognize multiple browsers but an assignment of instance or other UNIQUE ATTRIBUTE for each window, recognizing that another instance of the same window may be up and running at that time may cause the script to fail as it won't know which window to operate in. UFT is purposefully designed to "act like the manual user" - I'm not sure it's possible to get around that considering the licensing issue and object recognition needs, especially if the number of tests running at a time is random. If someone else knows how to do that - I'd be glad to hear the answer.

LoadRunner is able to create multiple instances of virtual users (in a sense creating multiple test runs at the same time) but that is more because of the licensing structure AND the fact that LoadRunner is more concentrated on the traffic behind the scenes and not the user interface generating the traffic.