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Net4 reaching beyond

A virtual Private Server is created by partitioning a physical server into multiple virtual servers in a way that each server is capable of running on its own as a dedicated server. Each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted. In terms of security VPS accounts are insulated from each other, greatly minimizing the risk of unauthorized access from hackers. Cloud Server provide the highest level of security just like a dedicated server, complete with customizable firewall protection and secure isolated disk space along with the benefit of sharing the cost of the server with other users yet reaping the benefits of the dedicated server. In the performance of the VPS 's all the resources can be regulated in the cloud server environment.One customer cannot run away with a large share of the resources.Your service will run reliably and predictably. For the Control aspects of Net4 VPS are designed for the customer looking for more control than a web hosting account but yet not ready for a dedicated server. These private servers include root access guaranteed resources,and technical support.Unlike a shared server, cloud server allows you the control of the server.You can choose the software you want to install,RAM,processor etc.The low cost factor of VPS hosting model provided by Net4 suits Small and medium companies that are looking for performance better than that offered by shared hosting,yet without the higher costs of collocation. A cloud server provides the features of a dedicated server on a machine that is a shared hardware environment. You get full server environment without sacrificing privacy or performance that too on a much lower cost as compared to having a dedicated server.

Features: 1.dedicated cloud server and complete system isolation 2. dedicated IP Addresses(es)- additional IP (additional cost -optional)

3.choice of OS ,windows,linux Cent OS

4.Connect directly using SSH,remote desktop or terminal services

5.Full root/Administrator Access over the entire Operating system

6.Instal Custom Software

7.Free 24/7/365 online support

8.VM backup and restore

9.On demand memory and space up gradation

10. 99.9 percent uptime

11.Protected by enterprise firewall/intrusion Prevention appliances and VLAN

12.Control panel support for eg. CPanel, Plesk (optional with cost)

13. MSSQL std/Ent/workgroup/web/MYSQL Enterprise database (optional with additional cost)

These are some of the features I see Net4 delivering, it may be accustomed to certain changes if problems arise in the deployment segment but it is very well structured in a way to counter any problems being encountered. NET4 is an Indian company with a net worth of 85million US dollars yearly dealing with providing suitable cloud and IT services in South East Asia.

Security is a burden here but you may check out the virtualising softwares such as Citrix and MS-hypervisor-V and install it to run alongside NET4's hypervisors,just to beef up security.

Trevor Gankarch

Cloud Engineer, Papua New Guinea

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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