pfSense Review

It uses less resources than a physical machine but the beta versions of some packages have issues.

Valuable Features

pfSense is very valuable as previously I had to use Microsoft's TMG solution. After some research, when I got stuck configuring a physical machine with many VMs, I noticed that pfSense, as a firewall, uses less resources. I started to test it on a simple PC, and I have now seen how I can benefit from open source software. So therefore, the most valuable feature is that it uses less resources than a physical machine.

Improvements to My Organization

It is free of charge. I am living in country where this is not so important yet, as no one controls the licenses of software. However, our company tries to look forward and prevent issues that may happen in the future. So it being free, and easy to configure, are the benefits for us.

Room for Improvement

I think that areas for improvement are not closely related with the work of pfSense but with its components, meaning the packages. I am faced with little problems when I install none-recommended (beta) versions. But, I also understand that these versions are mostly for developers, who are trying to contribute their best efforts for open source.

Use of Solution

I have been using pfSense as a firewall solution for approximately eight months.

Deployment Issues

When I started to test it in a real environment, it was on a physical machine and I was faced with problems. It was that the freeBSD wouldn't detect my USB keyboard, but after waiting a while, it eventually worked. In a virtual environment, I had no problems.

Stability Issues

Just once. One of our customers had an issue with their electrical stability. The electrical supply was jumping, and playing about, and when it was happening pfSense stopped.

Scalability Issues

It depends actually, and to be honest, I have never used all the available features of this product, but I believe that there should not be any issues with the scalability.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

I have never used the customer service for pfSense. I have read the manuals, but have never contacted customer service.

Technical Support:

I have never used it.

Previous Solutions

I previously used Microsoft's TMG solution. I switched because after some research when I got stuck configuring a physical machine with many VMs, I decided to use pfSense.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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01 May 15
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