Siemens PLM TeamCenter Review

The biggest issue I have is how it locks resources, but it allows me to communicate data directly to the customer.

Valuable Features

The best part of TeamCenter in my opinion is Vis Mockup. Without using CAD I am able to open up an entire vehicle to find all components in the area of my part at any distance I specify.

Improvements to My Organization

The best part of TeamCenter is the ability to pull down current vehicle environment at will to guarantee I am working to the latest level. Also allowing me to communicate data directly to the customer without delay simply by checking in or enveloping data directly to a user.

Room for Improvement

The biggest issue I have is how it locks resources. I personally run two versions of TeamCenter. Using Asendbridge solutions I can have three version loaded on the machine at once, but can only run one at a time. Switching between TeamCenter versions requires killing processes after exiting the program. It is an annoying process when you have to switch back and forth. So now I have two computers, one for each install. Also Ford has regional databases. To switch from one to the other requires exiting and re-entering.

Use of Solution

TeamCenter started in 2006 after Ford decommissioned Metaphase. GM was set up at the same time.

To communicate with Ford we run TeamCenter 9, paired with Catia V5 version 22, while communication with GM, Chrysler and Nissan is done with TeamCenter 10 with NX9.

Deployment Issues

We use Ascendbridge Solutions for our installations and upgrades for TeamCenter. They make sure everything goes flawlessly. The biggest issue we had is getting my ID from GM. It took four months and lots of nagging to push it through.

Stability Issues

The only issues we had with TeamCenter is when something would change in our Firewall settings without our knowledge that would terminate our connection to our customers database.

Scalability Issues

No, it was not a factor for us.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Team Center support is through Ford, GM and Asendbridge and we have had excellent service, especially through Ascendbridge.

Technical Support:

I would rate them very high.

Previous Solutions

Before Team Center was Metaphase with Ford. I guess their motivation was a new CAD system and the need for a viewer like Vis-mockup.

Initial Setup

TeamCenter was straightforward, but only because our customers did all the setup work and we just had to get it installed and learn how to use it.

Implementation Team

All of our TeamCenter installations and updates are performed by Ascendbridge solutions. Over the years they have inspired so much confidence in me that I feel if they can’t do it, then it can’t be done.

Other Advice

I would be comfortable using Siemens or Ascendbridge with help implementing this software. Try not to run multiple databases. If you are an OEM, it is fine since you will only have the one database, and if you are a supplier, you will need several PC’s as I really would not recommend running multiple installs on one machine. It is just not worth the trouble.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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