SoapUI Pro Review

I like the features for SOAP, REST and JDBC.

Valuable Features

I like the features for SOAP, REST and JDBC. I also like the easy way to do assertions.

Improvements to My Organization

The tests are running fast and often which means that we get feedback about the tests very quick and then are able to evaluate the test results.

Room for Improvement

It would be nice if you could organize the tests in more levels. Would like to add my own error message when using the Message Content Assertion (this is for the PRO version). This could be useful when running the tests from Jenkins.

Use of Solution

I have been using various versions since 2007.

Stability Issues

Sometimes you have to reload the project when you are moving/reorganizing tests in a project.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Quick response from the support and forum.

Previous Solutions

We chose this product because it is easy to use and have many functions that supports ours needs for example SOAP, REST and JDBC requests.

Initial Setup

Very easy to setup and use.

Implementation Team

I have been using it as a consultant and in-house. It's easy to do if you follow the on-line instructions


The tool supports the way we want to automate or tests. That means all from creating tests and data to assertions and finally cleaning the data. The test are also running in a CI Jenkins environment. The pricing is okey for PRO version but the price is getting higher all the time. There are also a free version.

Other Advice

I think this is a very easy tool to use for automated tests to run in a CI environment. You don’t have to be a “hardcore” programmer to use the tool but to get the best from it you should have some interest in programming/scripting.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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