VMware SRM Review

The solution allows organizations to have a solid business continuity plan but some research needed for configuration

Valuable Features

Integrated replication / recovery plan ease of use and creation.

Running Production out of DR site

Improvements to My Organization

This product allows organizations to have a solid BC business continuity plan in place in case of disaster. By running regularly scheduled simulated test fail overs a business can realistically plan accordingly and customize their DR strategy.

Room for Improvement

Perhaps the array replication or vm guest customization features. Perhaps more features are needed to allow

For recovering VMs in situations where replication on production site has been paused for (ie: 1 week or more)

Use of Solution

4 years.

Deployment Issues

Deployment is fairly straight forward but it still requires a good amount of VMware experience on the architecture side to properly deploy and scale.

Stability Issues

No issues. Product is fairly stable.

Scalability Issues

No issues. This product scales according to licenses purchased.

SRM 5.8 scales very well as compared to v5.5

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

VMware customer service is great.

Technical Support:

VMware technical support really delivers.

Previous Solutions

Previously used Netbackup and Avamar.

Initial Setup

Initial setup is straight-forward but you need to really do some research on prerequisite environment config needed for this product to work as developed.

Implementation Team

It was implemented in-house and on-site in customer environments.


100% ROI.

Other Solutions Considered

Other options evaluated were EMC Avamar and Symantec Netbackup.

Other Advice

You should aspire to be really well versed on supporting this product you need to have in-house engineers that are well rounded in the networking, storage and operational aspects of vSphere/vCenter/SRM. I would recommend getting hands-on training through a VMware a Partner before implementing this product in your environment.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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I found implementation very straightforward and configuration as well. This is a great product and has helped us to further our DR strategy. Array based replication is great with our Nimbles.

26 October 15
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