VMware vSphere Review

It's helped us improve our SSO functionality and there's the opportunity to scale with the Platform Services Controller.

Valuable Features

  • Bare metal Hypervisor
  • Management
  • Mobility of VMs
  • Distributed resource services - HA, DRS; Network and Storage

Improvements to My Organization

Hypervisor & Management in the new vCenter Server 6 with Platform Services Controller gives us a huge opportunity for scalability. It's also helped improve our SSO functionality with one click.

Room for Improvement

It would be nice if they could have offer a straight/forward deployment of vCenter from an OVA, not from an ISO.

Use of Solution

I've used vSphere for about 15 years, and vCOPS for two years.

Deployment Issues

No issues encountered.

Stability Issues

No issues encountered.

Scalability Issues

No issues encountered.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

I have not needed to contact them yet.

Technical Support:

I have not needed to contact them yet.

Previous Solutions

I hadn't used a previous solution.

Initial Setup

It was straightforward.

Implementation Team

An in-house implementation was done. All the pre-production implementation tests were made on VMware Workstation 11. Regarding vCenter 6, it is a must to install the VMware OVF tool in order to find, and make, the needed settings in the appliance *.vmx , before starting it. Having in mind the vCenter appliance is intended for ESXi deployment, in the production environment it was straightforward.


The ROI is much better with the VSOM.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

From the position of an enterprise partner of VMware, it is not really easy to convince the end-customers of the VSOM benefits, having in mind the price tag.

Other Solutions Considered

No other options were evaluated.

Other Advice

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: We're an enterprise partner of VMware with CloudProvider solution competency.
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