VMware vSphere Review

We were able to scale up from 10 to 80 machines, something we couldn't have done with physical servers. Training, however, should be made more available.

Valuable Features

  • Ease of upgrading
  • Ease of backups
  • Ease of deployment

Improvements to My Organization

We now have a quicker deployment of machines, as it’s been far more cost effective than our physical servers with a smaller footprint.

Room for Improvement

It’s pretty good the way it is, I can’t think of anything else I need.

Stability Issues

It’s very stable.

Scalability Issues

We started with maybe 10, we’re up to 80, and it’s been very easy to add them all on.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I’d say they were very good, they’re very quick and responsive, I can’t think of them ever not being able to an issue.

Previous Solutions

We were running physical servers, the industry was headed that way, and we knew that we had to. Furthermore, 80 physical servers is too much to fit into one room.

Implementation Team

I didn’t set it up, but I think they had a consultant come in.

Other Advice

Probably the availability of training is the most important thing to look at when choosing a vendor. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty good, and VMware is great.

Peer reviews are pretty important, it’s an easy way to look at hands on market research that you don’t have to pay for, to be honest.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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