VMware vSphere Review

It's given us flexibility for large and quick deployments.

Valuable Features

I like vCenter Server since you can monitor and control your whole environment from there. Also, the Web Client is nice to have, but I have heard from my colleagues that there are a lot of issues with it and it doesn’t work as good as it should do to make the C# client invane.

Improvements to My Organization

I think in our own way, it has it made the administration a lot easier, reduced maintenance time and made us more flexible in terms of large and quick deployments.

Room for Improvement

From what I have encountered, the Web Client should be improved so it loads faster locally, and certainly over a VPN connection, as I have experienced a very slow loading when using it over VPN.

Use of Solution

The company has been using it for over three years, starting with v5.5, but I've only used v6.0.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Very good, I have opened a few calls with VMware already and I am very satisfied. I like the flexibility to open calls from the portal.

Previous Solutions

No previous solution was in place prior to v5.5.

Implementation Team

We implemented everything through our in-house administrator team, but I wasn't involved.

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