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It provides flexibility in building and adding plug-ins, but the plug-in interface is not object-oriented.

Valuable Features:

  • Constant bug fixes
  • Security patches
  • Flexibility to add plug-ins
  • Building plug-ins is easier than other CRMs such as Joomla
  • Can jump in quickly
  • Easy to use

Improvements to My Organization:

I've been able to quickly build websites as needed.

Room for Improvement:

Not really anything, but the plug-in interface into the system is not object-oriented. It's diffuse, and you feel like you're dropping bits into many places. They're called plug-ins, but you don't feel like you're plugging in your code, but just reaching in with a hundred tentacles. Lastly, the process doesn't feel encapsulated.

Use of Solution:

5+ years

Deployment Issues:


Stability Issues:


Scalability Issues:

I have not tried to scale it very much.

Customer Service:

The community is enormous and everyone is very helpful, and other people have problems already solved.

Initial Setup:

It's pretty straightforward.  There is a wizard that walks you through the setup process.

Other Solutions Considered:

I have tried Joomla as a CMS, but it's extremely complicated in comparison.

Other Advice:

  • Go for it
  • If it's for a website that's static (just showing content), you can't go wrong, as it can a┬áhandle website with 100's of pages easily.
  • If
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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