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When evaluating Web Content Management, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

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CMS sites are all about security first, then design flow of the site itself with intuitiveness and ease of use. Let's face it - websites are no longer just pages written in notepad or an HTML wysiwyg. They are far more complex, with users creating accounts, sharing information, posting comments, shopping and providing payment information, sending and receiving email(s) to/from the site, sharing posts on their social network(s) and so on. The possible attack vectors that bad guys have on your customers AND their users, are exponential. So at the end of the day, before go-live, I highly recommend that web framework vulnerability scan assessments be run on any website. If holes are found, they must be plugged. If an SQL injection attack is possible because you have a poorly written Contact Us form - that could allow an attacker to simply paste in some T SQL code into the form and create an admin user account within your database.......is not a good idea to publish! Nessus scans are essential to find weak points in your website(s) and frankly, most sites today are full of issues most web developers have no idea about. Especially Wordpress sites - don't even get me started on Wordpress - the blog that tries and fails to be an enterprise grade CMS - never mind it's famousness for breaking it's developers extensions when they publish WP patches and fixes.

2018-01-26 14:54:40 UTC26 January 18
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User-friendliness is the most important issue and responsiveness Second is the factual contents. and ofcourse bundled security is extremely important.

2017-06-28 11:53:47 UTC28 June 17
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number of pages & website structure

2015-10-18 14:00:43 UTC18 October 15
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Easy integration with other applications

2017-11-30 14:43:31 UTC30 November 17
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For me, User Experience, intuitive interface and pretty and accurate layout is a must. The interface should be modern.
Security is a default option, which must always persist. Yet it shouldn't bother too much

2017-10-19 23:29:09 UTC19 October 17
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For the content developer - it has to be no think use interface: point click create, edit/delete/publish/promote etc. From developer/management perspective it has to be secure.

2017-04-22 09:06:34 UTC22 April 17

cross-channel publishing and mobility

2016-10-15 21:39:10 UTC15 October 16
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Ability to manage and deploy complex web solutions while remaining secure and SEO friendly

2016-02-24 23:00:20 UTC24 February 16
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Security and Powerful reports for both users and administrators.

2015-10-29 10:48:17 UTC29 October 15
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Security and ease of use

2015-09-04 14:23:50 UTC04 September 15
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2015-08-20 07:15:47 UTC20 August 15


2015-07-08 16:41:40 UTC08 July 15
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