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Business Manager (Exco level) & Executive Director at a retailer with 51-200 employees
Jan 25 2015

What do you think of ClicData?

The GEO maps were really the most beneficial for our business. It "forced" us to find all the GPS/GIS data for our customers. It could have taken a long time to collect the latitude/longitude data, but we did it in less than 2 days by using an android app. We dropped pins on the customer locations and exported the data. We covered 2361 customers in less than 48 hours by using a single rep in each of 13 locations to drop the pins (biggest sales area had 596 customers and we had to use 2 people for the task - we did a quick O&M calc beforehand at avg of 5 minutes per pin drop to determine the effort required) The data exports in an "html" format but the data can be easily found between the placemarker  identifiers. You can even strip this data out in excel with cut and past if you don't have…
Business Manager (Exco level) & Executive Director at a retailer with 51-200 employees
Dec 29 2014

What is most valuable?

* Dashboarding with maps, charts and pivottable. * The only 3 things that you need for a simple fast but VERY EFFECTIVE sales tool

How has it helped my organization?

Changed sales force behavior. Moved from 0% mobile solutions on Android to the following: * Marking all customer locations on GPS map apps (using smartphones and apps) * Updated Customer address… more »

What's my experience with pricing, setup cost, and licensing?

* Zero setup cost since it is Saas. * Usage options available for less than 50 USD per month – extremely affordable. This is one of the reasons why there is such a quick payback period / high ROI

Which solution did I use previously and why did I switch?

* Qlikview. Changed because of affordability vs Qlikview, without losing any significant functionality. * Changed because it was Saas and does not require any additional infrastructure and/or server… more »

What other advice do I have?

* As long as it stays this simple, it will be more than good enough for a very large number of small businesses. * Ask yourself this - if it can do more things, will it really still effectively serve… more »

Which other solutions did I evaluate?

* Yes, many many of them. I went through nearly every one of the 58 BI solutions in the review list to find a simple affordable solution. * Pentaho (the Saas scenario of Clic was much preferred over a… more »

What is ClicData?

Reach across your entire data landscape, from multiple platforms, data sources, and formats, in real-time or batch, and glean the most impactful insights for all levels of your business. ClicData's intuitive, dynamic dashboards and extensive array of visualization widgets give you the control to make better decisions faster. ETL features and HTML5 integration power customizable automatic updates and dashboard sharing capabilities to boost performance across your entire enterprise.
ClicData customers
Visio Media, FDS Consultants, BRM Consulting Services, Seed & Spark, NewsOK, Oncovet, Wildfire PR, NaphCare, Eurasant_, Pima Association of Governments, Planned Property Management, Rad., George Spady Society
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