Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager Overview

What is Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager?

Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager secures access to elevated privileges. It eliminates shared and static passwords to privileged accounts. It enforces strong authentication and reliable authorization prior to granting access. User access is logged, creating strong accountability.

Privileged Access Manager secures access at scale, supporting over a million password changes daily and access by thousands of authorized users. It is designed for reliability, to ensure continuous access to shared accounts and security groups, even in the event of a site-wide disaster.

Privileged Access Manager grants access to authorized users, applications and services. It can integrate with every client, server, hypervisor, guest OS, database and application, on-premise or in the cloud.

Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager Buyer's Guide

Download the Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: February 2021

Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager Video
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