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Feb 04 2018

What do you think of Juniper Ethernet Switches?

Primary Use Case The primary use is as a datacenter, as aggregation and access switches. They are also used in wireless nodes in the core switch segment receiving all last mile services, as in optical fiber. • Improvements to My Organization Juniper supports all our connectivity infrastructure in our datacenter, supporting optimal availability and performance for services. • Valuable Features The Virtual Chassis, because you have a centralized administration of a set of switches which makes the operation more efficient. • Room for Improvement Support prices and licensing scheme need to be improved to allow some features to be purchased at lower costs, for example, RPM. • Use of Solution Three to five years. • Previous Solutions We previously used Cisco. •...
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Juniper Ethernet Switches Questions

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RafBrandsComware never invested in MC-LAG as they have IRF stacking. The ISSU feature... more »
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Aivars BrizsDisagree on all points. MC-LAG = multichassis link aggregation. This term is... more »
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Irfan AhmedBasic difference comes from OS integration with Switch plane, HPE 5900 is... more »

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What is Juniper Ethernet Switches?

Juniper Ethernet Switches are made up of the EX Series product line. These EX Series Ethernet Switches provide branch, campus and data center networks with access, aggregation and core layer switching solutions. The end result is secure, fast and efficient application and data delivery.

Today's enterprise networks increasingly demand mobile access, optimal availability, virtualization, and unified communications. The Juniper Ethernet Switches EX Series caters for all of these requirements, ensuring business continuity, network flexibility and maximum productivity.

Also known as
Juniper EX Series
Juniper Ethernet Switches customers

BlackLotus, Staminus, Community Bank, BAS Group, Cloud Dynamics, Privalia, Fluidata, and Tesla Motors.

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