LexisNexis Concordance Classic Overview

What is LexisNexis Concordance Classic?
LexisNexis Concordance Desktop gives you more control over your cases by handling a heavier workload and enables you to perform near-native review and native document redaction, produce color or grayscale productions, perform bulk printing and use advanced production capabilities. It provides a multi-core, hyper-threaded import engine allows users to work on other things while they import data and provides a streamline review process by facilitating access of their database with co-counsel, expert witness and more without the need of their own license. The admin console allows administrators better insight into and control over databases and administrative tasks which provides teams more flexibility and it includes an intuitive search engines in litigation, so you can pinpoint key evidence. Concordance Desktop software accommodates 12 megabytes of data per field and It can handle a million records per database and can search up to 128 databases at one time. It has a multinational cases with Unicode foreign character language support. Easily work with documents in Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Korean and Greek, as well as many European languages.

LexisNexis Concordance Classic is also known as Concordance Classic.

LexisNexis Concordance Classic Customers
Paralegal Jones, Bell, Abbott, Fleming & Fitzgerald L.L.P.
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