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What is OpenText Magellan Text Mining?

OpenText Magellan Text Mining transforms data into insights for better decision-making and information management while freeing up resources and time. By some estimates, as much as 71% of enterprises are struggling with how to manage and protect unstructured data.1 Magellan Text Mining enables enterprises to understand the context and information locked in high volumes of content at scale.

With Magellan Text Mining, information governance is more accurate and efficient, cutting down on redundant, obsolete or trivial information and extending the lifespan of useful data.

OpenText Magellan Text Mining Buyer's Guide

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OpenText Magellan Text Mining Customers
TORA Trading Services, North Star BlueScope Steel, Eldorado Computing, Linkaform, MOBIS Parts Australia, Storengy Engie, Delta RM, Knorr-Bremse Group, KMD, APP Corporation, Westpac Banking Corporation
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