Plixer Scrutinizer Eliminate Data Silos

Have you found the solution helps eliminate data silos? If yes, how has this affected your management of traffic flows?

Systems Analyst at a government with 5,001-10,000 employees
The solution has helped eliminate data silos for us because now, instead of looking at one or two different places, we can look at it all at once. It aggregates the data so it's not in silos anymore.
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Sr. Network Engineer at Columbia Sportswear
We found the solution helps eliminate data silos because we do allow all company access to the product, since it's a read-only tool. We have shown a number of different departments in DevOps how to look at it themselves and diagnose their own problems, e.g., when they're having slowdowns to Azure. We have our express routes tagged to the Scrutinizer product. They can tell when the line is saturated and what's saturating it. This has empowered them to self-police what they're doing on the line, and it reduces the ticket count that we get. This gives us an insight on how to manage the traffic flows. More people can see IT data in real-time without having to ask IT a question and wait.
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