Quadient Inspire Pricing and License Cost

Data and Laser Executive at a marketing services firm
I am not privy to the costing and licensing details, but I have been made aware that due to the vastly improved performance and efficiency compared to previous methods, the product would effectively have returned its investment in a very short time and that the management of the business was delighted with it thus far. View full review »
Tomaž Juvančič
Consultant at a consultancy with self employed
I am used to people being surprised when they first hear the price but, I can tell from my personal experience that if you know how to use the software, the return on investment comes in a really short time. I have been involved in implementations where it was sooner than one year! Simplest for large-scale document creators - use its features to cut down on postage, delivery, and maintenance costs, and you will never look back. View full review »
David Nixon
Senior Technical Consultant at a consultancy with 11-50 employees
The licensing and setup costs historically have been a roadblock, but there have been improvements on this over the years as things move into the cloud. The cost vs benefits argument often leads businesses to go with the 'cheaper' option that ends in buyer's remorse. View full review »
User at a marketing services firm with 51-200 employees
We sprent time looking at many options Quadient offered and made decisions about what we needed to enable us to be futureproof. View full review »