R&S Web Application Firewall (DenyAll) Overview

R&S Web Application Firewall (DenyAll) is the #16 ranked solution in our list of top Web Application Firewalls. It is most often compared to Fortinet FortiWeb: R&S Web Application Firewall (DenyAll) vs Fortinet FortiWeb

What is R&S Web Application Firewall (DenyAll)?

Beyond the basic capabilities of traditional negative and positive security models, DenyAll’s scoring mechanism, user behavior tracking and advanced detection engines deliver best-of-breed security that won’t let you down. None of our customers have made the headlines with security breaches.

Web Services and automated machine-to-machine communications support business processes, internal and with ecosystem partners that are often critical. DenyAll makes it easy to optimize and secure these XML-based data flows, with capabilities found in no other WAF or SOA Gateway.

R&S Web Application Firewall (DenyAll) is also known as Rohde & Schwarz Web Application Firewall, R&S WAF, DenyAll Web Application Security.

Buyer's Guide

Download the Web Application Firewall (WAF) Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: April 2021

R&S Web Application Firewall (DenyAll) Video

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Geo-localization and IP reputation help to keep our clients secure and more available

What is our primary use case?

One of our customers needed to publish a web application. Since the customer had a platform that included a Hyper-V cluster, we chose the virtual version of the appliance. We have deployed the WAF (web application Firewall) in reverse proxy mode to protect the published web application with the WAM, two-factor authentication module, Advanced API protection, and IP reputation control. The difference between R&S and the other known WAF solutions is the fact that we can set it up as granularly as we want. In the IP reputation setting, we can define the amount of credibility of the reputation of… more »

Pros and Cons

  • "The three most valuable features that I noticed are the geo-localization of the user, the IP reputation, and the compartmental analysis."
  • "The area that should be improved is licensing."