Stonebranch Universal Automation Center Universal Task

What are your impressions of Stonebranch Universal Task?

Mike Booher
Systems Programmer II at a insurance company with 501-1,000 employees
The Stonebranch Universal Task is very flexible. There are many different tasks that are available for use.
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Doug Perseghetti
Consulting Systems Engineer at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees
We have used the Universal Task a little bit and it seems to be fully functional. It's good.
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Frank Burkhardt
Application and Database Administrator at Blue Bird Corporation
Stonebranch Universal Task is very capable. I like it. We have not really come up with a task that we can't do with it. While there are a few edge cases, 99 percent of our processing can be handled by this product with no problems.
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Earl Diem
Manager Performance and Automation Engineering at PSCU Financial Services
Stonebranch Universal Task allows us to break up our workflows into tasks that are singular and focused and we're then able to string them together by drag-and-drop. What we did is we built up a group of tasks that were templates, so to speak. Once those task templates were built up, it allowed us to go in and build workflows relatively quickly, because all we had to do was fill in the particulars of what we needed that task to do, without building the task from scratch.
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