How does Control-M rank in the Workload Automation market compared with other products?


Hi community members,

I'm a Senior IT Consultant in a government department. 

I'd like to know how Control-M compares with other products in terms of workload automation and orchestration?

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It depends on implementation.. job creation doesn't necessarily need to be strict. It can be WAY more granular and can setup so that users essentially create their own jobs via a kind of cut-down GUI with the equivalent of your IT team only finalizing them to make sure things look valid and adhere to the policy.

Very flexible, and can be relatively straightforward technically after the initial learning curve as long as things are kept basic... It's kind of extendable as you want to make it (but the more complex and technically challenging it becomes the further you take it)

BMC (vendor) are now pushing it as "jobs as a service" - which for our specific setup would be massive, massive $$ but for a smaller situation could be more workable...

Consider ROI & TCO with your implementation.  There are less expensive alternatives available and the trend is toward Consulted ($) + Open Source Products.

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Sometime ago I have preapring a comparison matrix of workload automation tools. Control-M is one of top schedulers it is very up to date regarding cutting-edge technologies with one con - it is a fat client.  It is not web-based so you need to install client on every workstation, visibility is also limited especially for huge constructs like 100+ tasks/jobs. Personally I recommend to look on BMC's alternative Stonebranch's Universal Automation Center. I am working for 6 years now using this tool for enterprise class workloads (ING).   Appolication is satisfying Security requirements, it is stable, flexible, it supports unix/windows/zos platforms and some agentless technologies too. Price for the software is indivually set after consultation and researching his needs.   

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We have been using Control-M from BMC for about seven years now, and we are very satisfied with its capabilities in the areas of workload automation and orchestration and enterprise integration. I'm sure we will continue to use Control-M and related products and supported APIs in the years ahead.

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I design for multiple clients which use a multitude of workload automation tools from Chef and Puppet, BMC Control M, Broadcom Autosys & CA7, Microfocus WAM, IBM WAM,  TIDAL and Active Batch. 

The top 2 of what I run into are BMC Control M and Autosys. See also Chef and Puppet - open-source and DevSecOps. The issue I run into is a fat vs light client. 

BMC has been a long-standing leader in my book - been around a long time and reliable. Recently see more Chef and Puppet 

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Please look at Enterprise Management Associates webpage. They are doing kind of deep analysis and comparison of all leading WLA products. I can also provide you this report 

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