TIBCO Statistica Overview

What is TIBCO Statistica?
TIBCO Statistica is a flexible analytics system, which allows users to: create analytic workflows that are packaged and published to business users, explore interactively and visualize problems and create and deploy statistical, predictive, data mining, machine learning, forecasting, optimization, and text analytic models. TIBCO Statistica advanced analytics and data science platform helps you to Embed Analytics Everywhere. TIBCO Statistica capabilities: Predictive Analytics, Provide broad access and data preparation everywhere, including for databases, cloud, and Apache Hadoop sources. Native Distributed Analytical Architecture (NDAA), Real-time Big-data Answers, Security and governance and Statistica works with R, Python, Scala scripts in-database or at the edge.

TIBCO Statistica is also known as Quest Statistica, Dell Statistica.

TIBCO Statistica Buyer's Guide

Download the TIBCO Statistica Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: January 2021

TIBCO Statistica Customers

Danske Bank

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