webMethods Microgateway Overview

What is webMethods Microgateway?

Rapid development, rapid deployment. Continuous delivery, continuous integration. Today’s shorter innovation cycles are driving the demand for scalable microservices built around business capabilities. Now you can secure API access to those microservices easily without worry using Software AG’s API microgateway.

Designed to sit closer to business logic and protect it, webMethods Microgateway is independent—lightweight, agile and fast—and works with webMethods API Gateway or as a standalone solution to control API access to microservices in a distributed environment.

Highly efficient, the microgateway uses a very small footprint, and it’s fast to deploy. Gain the freedom you need to quickly innovate—choose from multiple form factors (standalone applications and Docker® container) and different deployment options. Support east-west traffic while preventing overloading main gateways.

webMethods Microgateway is also known as webMethods API Microgateway .

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