PaaS solutions: Areas for improvement?

If you were in the room with the product manager from Amazon and Microsoft and could give them advice on how to improve their PaaS solutions, what areas for improvement would you suggest?

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I primarily work with Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.

I will just focus on Azure suggestions:

- IaaS deployments are slow with Windows VMs

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I'd ask for better documentation, preferably with all updates dated.
I'd also ask for improved error messages that actually give a clue as to
what is really wrong.

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I primarily work with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. My main
business partner has years of expertise with Amazon.

I will just focus on Azure suggestions:

- IaaS deployments are slow with Windows VMs
- Versioning / packaging is too coupled with Visual Studio
- A cloud platform should be fully controllable with only the command line
- otherwise you're killing DevOps
- msbuild is not great at bridging that gap
- Support is iffy compared to what I'm accostomed to with Google (inculding
by phone)
- There are some gaps with hybrid models
- websites can't connect to on premise VMs
- reserved IPs don't work with affinity groups
- I receive connection timeouts periodically when controlling the VMs via
Powershell (and the client network is super fast)


PLEASE ADD SSH / SFTP SERVICES IN WINDOWS ... something like this:

It is very hard to administer a machine across WinRM

Mike Basil

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I do not use Microsoft products, so I shall only give suggestions for Amazon.
@amazon, please simplify your offerings and don't ask my CC details for the free plan.
Also please allow me to install my custom OS and have interoperability with KVM images.

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