SharePoint versus Alfresco?



I need a detailed comparison on functional aspects for SharePoint and Alfresco Activiti workflows.


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it_user144594Real User

Before getting into the available workflow activities, I need to mention a couple of things:
1. SharePoint 2013 has a scalable workflow engine whereas with 2010 something like BizTalk would be needed.
2. SharePoint 2013 workflow only really supports HTTP web services because of the cloud architecture; creating a 2010 workflow in 2013 will give you access to all the workflow activities.
3. There are different grades of SharePoint workflow: you can use SharePoint Designer (a Windows client application which is more that adequate for most tasks) but I would recommend Nintex as the best experience. Nintex is still built on SharePoint workflow but has a web-based designer which has many different activities, and more available from the Nintex developer site. Then there is Visual Studio if you want to create your own activities or to download custom activities.

The main aspects of Nintex is that it can be used by the business people (I know of many companies where this is the case) and there are many connectors for using cloud services like Box, SalesForce and Bing. It is not the only product in this category, but I can't really give better advice without knowing what the target scenario is. If this is general purpose use then I would definitely consider Nintex,

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Ken LamVendor

I have experience with SharePoint Work Flow only and the answer is you gotta be kidding me.

SharePoint workflow can hardly integrate and I do not really know what do you want it for... if you do not mind, go for cloud services... expense claim you got concur, Salesforce does has with API for integration.

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