Compare SharePoint to Jive as an enterprise content management tool.

Our company has SharePoint, but some team members want to move to Jive. Are these tools comparable across all functions?

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Jive and SharePoint overlap to at least some extend. What are the issues driving the choice?

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Jive is a communication and collaboration tool in the cloud. SharePoint has a record archival function as well as collaboration functions. However, neither Jive nor SharePoint qualify as a enterprise content management tool. SharePoint has many add-ons available from multiple vendors that can enhance its record management capabilities, but to my knowledge Jive has no such availability.

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I think the most organization choose SharePoint because :
1. SharePoint can integrated with the system.
2. Microsoft support SharePoint.
3. SharePoint is easy to work like Microsoft office.

In conclude. I think SharePoint is better than Jive now.


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So to be perfectly honest with you if you are looking for an enterprise content management system then both JIVE and SharePoint are the wrong options. What you have to focus on is what the problem is that you are trying to solve. If you are after better ‘collaboration’ knowledge sharing and ways of working then I would suggest that you consider Confluence.


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Similar to @Arthur McLean before giving a response, it would be great to understand the use case of functionality driving the conversation. Also would be good to understand the persona of the group - are they marketing/sales, are they developers, are they administrative staff.

Doesn't have to be comprehensive response, just enough so responses will be more driven to your needs.

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SharePoint is still the best, well ahead of Jive, thats why there is a Jive connector for SP. Like BI tools, all of them have the Export to Excel button. With the SharePoint Online it is possible to have everything for less cost.
If SharePoint Support is not so good, it is because service desk workers are not enough trained.
By the way.. Microsoft is delivering all power to end users, It need just to deliver the environment and apply the security polices. Users can do everything else, including workflows.

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Having worked extensively on two different SharePoint projects over several years, and having conducted an extended trial use of Jive and several other enterprise social networking tools like it (Podio, Yammer, MangoApps, etc.), GIVEN JUST THOSE TWO OPTIONS, I would recommend Jive over SharePoint for the following reasons:

1) Once you get established on Sharepoint, due to the cost of setup and annual subscription fees, you will get stuck on a very expensive merry go round ... NOT FUN!

2) Operating SharePoint is extremely IT staffing expensive ... BUDGET AND STAFFING DRAIN FOR BOTH IT AND BUSINESS USERS!!

3) You can accomplish the same things, better than you get from using SharePoint for much less cost ... FIND SOMETHING ELSE!!!

PS - Sharepoint Support SUCKS, as well.

To that end, there are a myriad cloud-based ECM/document storage and management systems out there, most easier, less expensive, and better than Sharepoint offers (Box, Dropbox, . Take your pick :)

Do you really need an expensive and quite complicated ECM system ( ... ALSO, read staff drain, once again ... )? Or might a simpler, cheaper, more accessible, and easier to use solution work better for you?

Additionally ...

The enterprise social networking side of things is replete with much better opportunities than either SharePoint or Jive (MUCH too expensive and INFLEXIBLE to improvement ... BIG bureaucracy - JIVE Support also SUCKS).

I would recommend MangoApps' enterprise social networking solution for the following reasons:

A) Intuitive as hell.

B) Open to improving it with simple means of engaging and discussing improvement ideas with customers.

C) MUCH less expensive.

D) Works well because people can easily use it, share their areas of expertise, ask questions, like it, use it, and gravitate to it naturally.

E) Our goal is to use it instead of in house email ;)

Hope this reply is of some help to you, Barb!

Holler if you need anything at all ...

John Becker

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Both systems are brilliant in their own way and it will really depend on the user requirements.

It'scan be much easier to make an intranet portal with jive than with SharePoint, but its capabilities are very limited. SharePoint is more complex but also offer greater connectivity and security with permission structures, useful publishing features, and the ability to create multiple site collections.

We have a large amount of pre-configured SharePoint solutions if these would help and I would be happy to have an initial consultation FOC to see if these can help you.

Please feel free to contact me if I can help alex.clifford@toolagen.com 07790 332 881.

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You can think of using another tool than Sharepoint (like Jive or some dotzen others), but you'll never be able to shutdown Sharepoint, if you're already using it. All companys I know still do have Sharepoint in use, despite any other tool that does a lot of things better then Sharepoint. But some things, they don't/can't. The possiblity to have a sort of mini database functionality (lists/libraries) - a record management - is missing in every other tool I've seen. And the possiblity to quickly create workflows is missing often enough. And, finally, non of the will be able to integrate MS Office in the way Sharepoint can. And, even more, in the cloud, SP has some nice features like Delve/OfficeGraph. So go for it, get an additional tool, but be aware you still will need to work with Sharepoint. :-)

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No. SharePoint has considerably more standard ECM capability than Jive and can be extended to provide far more robust ECM capabilities as well. Jive is really just a Social sharing / commenting platform with linkage to document sources/repositories. The is a sensible information architecture you can construct through using both though. SharePoint for document origination and Jive for publishing and commenting. Just don't let users mix the two up.

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Take a look at the following "Jive or Sharepoint Decision Guide", it will provide you with a comprehensive insight on both the products.


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