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What advice do you have for others considering AppDynamics Database Monitoring?


If you were talking to someone whose organization is considering AppDynamics Database Monitoring, what would you say?

How would you rate it and why? Any other tips or advice?

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It is easy to use and not difficult to configure. I would definitely recommend the solution, I have been working with it for the last five to six years. It's a really good product. I rate AppDynamics Database Monitoring a seven out of ten.

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I would recommend this solution to other companies. On a scale from one to ten, I would give AppDynamics Database Monitoring a rating of eight. To be honest, it's a fantastic product.

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For me, the first recommendation I would have to other organizations considering implementation would be to have a person or people who have good skills on database monitoring. How AppDynamics works is basically just monitoring the metrics that already exist in the databases. These metrics are really technical metrics, so a company has to have some people that are really specialized in reading them. They need to have a good database administrator or database analyst in place. I would rate the solution seven out of ten.

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As advice to people considering the solution, I would tell them to scope it out really well and to do a lot of research on their intended application and their business use cases. There may be another, better solution available for their needs. On a scale from one to ten where one is the worst and ten is the best, I would rate this product as a seven. I would rate them at a seven because they definitely have a better product than several other products on the market, they have good functionality, and I think they are fairly affordable. The reason I would not rate them higher is because there are other products on the market that are obviously better solutions that exist right now.

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The solution we are using is SaaS-based. The controller is deployed on the cloud, and we have integrated different Linux environments with it. There are a couple of Java agents as well as machine engines and a DB agent that we utilize. I don't have too much interaction with the teams that handle the solution, so I don't know if I have any advice to give other companies in relation to implementation. I don't have too much exposure when it comes to database monitoring and am not overly familiar with the application itself. I'd rate it at least a six out of ten based on my experience with the solution so far. I only use limited features for Oracle database monitoring.

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We currently use the on-premises deployment model but we are in the process of moving over to the cloud. The solution is a good tool. I'd advise others to use the cloud deployment model so that you don't need to worry so much about having enough infrastructure if you you want to scale. I'd rate it eight out of ten.

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We use the private cloud deployment model. I would advise new users to not install AppDynamics for their database only. Just the database portion isn't dynamic enough without other portions of the AppDynamics suite. I would rate all database applications nine out of ten, but I would rate just the database monitoring four out of ten.

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We used an on-premises version of the solution. I would rate the solution a seven out of ten. Technical support hasn't been too impressive so we ended up having to resolve our own issues. There are also a few challenges that we've had from a performance perspective when we upgraded from one version to the next. That said, I would still recommend the solution.

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We collect user experience feedback from many countries, all over the world. We have already recommended this product to some of our partners, and they have implemented it based on our advice. This is a good product, but we still have issues with the cloud and stability. I would rate this solution a seven out of ten, due to stability issues and no feedback from EMEA AppDynamics.

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I recommend the solution strongly for those with medium-sized businesses. It's not for enterprise solutions or enterprise businesses. It's a great solution for the non-enterprise client. I would rate this solution eight out of ten.

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