What do you like most about AppDynamics Database Monitoring?

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What do you like most about AppDynamics Database Monitoring?

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The solution is very, very stable. We haven't faced any bugs or glitches on the system.

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The product is stable and the technical support is good.

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The feature that is most valuable to us is the snapshot feature. It allows us to get a snapshot of different SQL scripts that are being executed simultaneously and we can identify everything we need on them.

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The most valuable aspect of the solution is the ability to discover and track transactions.

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The solution is great for database monitoring. You don't have to install an agent on the database. You just install the server to a database agent. It's a good product for some database administration if you don't want to install an agent on the database for security.

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The ability to identify the top running queries has been extremely valuable for us.

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We were able to correct problems, which led to an increase in availability, time savings, and performance for our solutions.

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Top 20Consultant

AppDynamics is scalable. They can monitor billions of transactions because they're not monitoring all transactions. They're monitoring samples. So, they can offer good monitoring for the huge sites.

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