2014-04-15 12:05:00 UTC

What are the top pros and cons of SCOM?

Is it more of a complete monitoring solution for the Microsoft Server product line? Is it more for hardware monitoring? What would I use it for? Please share your experiences and war stories.

22 Answers
Community Mgr

SCOM is really only for MS environments IMHO.

2014-05-16 12:35:02 UTC16 May 14

That's a very loaded question, what is it that you want to monitor? Are all systems part of a domain? Are all systems Microsoft Windows, or mixed with *nix? How many systems are you monitoring, and is SCCM already deployed in the environment? How fluent are you with Powershell to fine tune/customize monitoring? SCOM can monitor whatever environment you want, and it can get down and dirty. You need the right skillset to properly deploy SCOM so that you don't open an unnecessary can of worms (false positives).

I recommend reviewing a SCOM deployment guide.

2014-05-16 13:14:11 UTC16 May 14
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