What is the biggest difference between BigFix and BMC TrueSight Server Automation?

I work for an IT infrastructure implementation services. 

I am currently evaluating BigFix and BMC TrueSight Server Automation. What are the main differences between the two? Which would you recommend?

Thanks! I appreciate the help. 

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I am not sure about roadmap for BigFix after it was sold by IBM to HCL. I have used it a bit only for small time for OS patchings.
BMC on the other hand is a big player for a very long time and is having a clear road map. They have multi-cloud solutions available as well.
You can use nsh script for custom jobs in BMC truesight Server Automation. The Compliance template code n BMC is workbench based coding so you can code only from the BMC console on it.

For both tools, I don't see a lot of version control integration. Both are agent based solutions. Both are not made for CI-CD pipelines and don't offer json/yaml kind of code which you get in other automation and configuration management tools like puppet, ansible or chef.

Infact, both tools are enterprise products with lot of solutions already built in with customization scope which is more suitable for Large scale standard infrastructure.

BMC comes with a lot of a lot of offerings apart from Truesight server automation which you can use or might already be using such as Control-M, AO, discovery, Patrol monitoring etc. . BMC offers a bundle deal for ITSM some times depending on organization requirement. That integrates every bit of process very nicely. It gives you one stop shop for all your IT needs. (But in a way traps all your functions in a honeytrap. :) ).

Both tools need a dedicated admin team and doesn't give the flexibility to Server Admin to develop and implement his own automation. They will be only end users. In a way they create a barrier. Both tools don't have much of support material available in Git etc for development support. They need your organization to be fitted in a box and will restrict transformation of your Server team into a Devops/sysops team which is need of the hour now days. Tools admin team are generally not very well verse with all operating systems and vice versa. Which make day-2day automation a bit difficult.

Personally, I like Chef or Ansible kind of solution much better for server automation. Also, you can ask Application owners to use them for configuration management and share the cost with them as well.

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