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What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for SSIS?



We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information.

Please share what you can so you can help your peers.

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88 Answers

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Are you aware that SSIS is free if you own SqlServer? And that’s just production.  So it’s a bit of a curious question. You will have to run it on the sqlserver to avoid a separate license but that’s often not an issue and can actually be an advantage depending on how you utilize the tool.  Non-prod sqlserver can be run with the developer edition which is free.  You will of course pay for any add-ons that aren’t shareware.  

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We have an enterprise license for this solution.

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Based on my experience and understanding, Talend comes out to be a little bit expensive as compared to SSIS. The average cost of having Talend with Talend Management Console is around 72K per region, which is much higher than SSIS. SSIS works very well with Microsoft technologies, and if you have Microsoft technologies, it is not really expensive to have SSIS. If you have SQL Server, SSIS is free.

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It would be beneficial if the solution had a less costly cloud offering.

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This solution is included with the MSSQL server package.

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When you purchase SQL Server, SSIS tends to come with it. Whether you purchase the standard edition or an enterprise edition, SSIS comes with it. Whether you choose to install it on a separate server, or the same server as the database, that really comes down to Microsoft's charging. My advice is to look at what your configuration will be because most companies have their own deals with Microsoft.

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The price is important to us. We are based in Iran, and we look for products with a good price because of the sanctions. Some other products such as Oracle are expensive here and we do not recommend these products to our customers. They are expensive and they are very difficult to work with them. They are very difficult and very complicated but Microsoft products are not like that.

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Look at how this product is sold to you. Ask yourself, am I getting everything that I need. Its more expensive to get the additional adapters after the fact.

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