What is your primary use case for Cohesity DataPlatform?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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We are using DataPlatform, DataProtect, and we are running NAS natively on it now, doing some cloud archiving off of it. The primary use for DataPlatform is that we are a managed service provider. We use it as our platform for backing up our infrastructure as a service client for our remote clients. Recently, we replaced multiple platforms with Cohesity. That is, we replaced our quantum storage appliances with DataPlatform. We replaced our Beam storage repositories. With that, we also replaced our Connvault storage platforms, which were all internal data. In the end, we consolidated all of our backup storage to the DataPlatform, and then we run DataProtect with that. We are also a Beam cloud connect partner. So our Beam cloud connect actually stores the data on Cohesity. It is a very versatile solution. We are also now doing our backup for our Microsoft M365 service and that is run natively off Cohesity as well.

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Cohesity CDM solution is our primary backup solution and we use it to back up our entire VMware infra, MSSQL, Oracle, SAP HANA & BASIS applications, and we also use this for our cloud archive solution. Earlier, we outsourced our solution and backups are using TSM as their solution but we have some serious issues without huge SAP DB's which was eliminated once we started using Cohesity. We choose this product after testing many POCs with different legacy and new era backup vendors but finally we chose this due to features offered by Cohesity.

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Cohesity DataProtect is a great product and has reduced my backup window and jobs significantly. I like that you can do a VM level backup as well as a database backup. By doing so, I was able to replace two backup application products. Cohesity gives us the ability to run a local backup, replicate, and archive to AWS all in one job. Though, we are not able to archive all of our workloads to S3 for longer retention. The Cohesity User Group is extremely beneficial and productive. We get to speak with the developers and engineering team directly about their products, whether it be a feature request, enhancements, issues, or processes. They are very receptive to what the customer has to say.