What needs improvement with Cohesity DataPlatform?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Cohesity DataPlatform.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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We have been kind of leaning on Cohesity a little bit to just start looking at providing tier-one storage capability off the platform. With the NAS workloads, we have some tier workloads that we will put on it, but it has never been touted as a tier-one storage platform. It would not be considered tier-one for NAS-based workloads anyway. Recently they just released all SSD nodes. Because of that, we believe that the upgrade in performance level is going be a huge benefit to us. Because we already use it as a target destination for our Zerto-based workloads we get to take advantage of the dedupe. The idea was when we do a recovery, we can do a native NAS recovery and it performs pretty well, but then we immediately had to be able to migrate the virtual workload to a primary disk. So that means that we always had to have a pool of tier-one storage sitting there unused in the event of a DR (Disaster Recovery) event or some critical situation experienced by a client. Now, with the FSD (File System Device) disc in there, we believe that we are not going to have to do that anymore. That lack of tier-one capability is the only pain point or area for improvement, but they are working on that. They have all SSD nodes in it now. We will be testing actual full recoveries on the NAS on their smart files. If I can run 30 or 40 workloads simultaneously with relatively high IO requirements, then we are going to be extremely happy. They have their CDP (Customer Data Platform) capability now, and we need CDP in a multitenant solution, which is on the roadmap for them. It is not available to us yet today. So that is something that we are anxiously waiting for. We run the multitenant edition and that is one feature that we can use and in our current multitenant configuration.

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* Documentation - Their documentation portal is not up to date for newer releases and I strongly recommend Cohesity to increase their efforts on the documentation portal. * Multi-tenancy is supporting limited functionalities and we are excepting to work for all features when we use multi-tenancy. * It would be nice to be able to restore Active Directory objects. * I would like to see an easier filtering mechanism on the elastic search. Currently, a global search in Cohesity GUI has limited functionality only to search sources.

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I don't like that the MS SQL Agents require a reboot during the initial install and that you have to install agents at all. You have to manually upgrade the agents depending on which release you have and unregister them if they don't show up correctly. They need to improve the process to unregister applications.