What is your primary use case for IBM Rational ALM?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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IBM Rational ALM is mainly used for configuration management and version control. We use it in the automotive sector, which it has a lot of use in, and is certified.

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We began using this product in 2014 as a work management tool. After that, we gained knowledge of the Agile framework and implemented these features in Rational. We now have five scrum teams, all of them using this solution for scrum planning. This includes dashboards and the Kanban view in order to support them.

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We are a central, systems integration team that provides different solutions to vendors and business partners. We have a lab available on-premises and we work with all of the latest tools available in the market. We integrate them into the pipelines, create new PoCs and use cases, and showcase the solutions to different clients. IBM Rational ALM is one of the solutions that we provide. Our primary use case has to do with performance monitoring. We are trying to help our business users with their development and landscaping to identify exactly where their pain point areas are. Then we can help to fine-tune their applications, tools, and databases for the teams.

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I work as Q&A engineer in addition to supporting CALM management. I use it for daily, day-to-day user activities.

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We use the on-premises deployment model of this solution.

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Our primary use for implementing this solution was to use it for was for a science project at a university. We used it to monitor progress and enhance productivity.

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