What is your primary use case for Inflectra SpiraTest?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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Testing of new applications being deployed in a healthcare environment. SpiraTest is used to help manage our testing process for not only new software implementations but also for checking the interactions of other software on existing systems. The SpiraTest system allows us to bank our test scripts to quickly pull them out as needed to test the effects of new code on our existing systems. Since a lot of our systems are updated with software and data code on a very regular basis this allows us to better provide a reliable system to our end users in a very critical environment.

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After a detailed comparison with other tools, I chose to recommend Spiratest for its ease of use and integration readiness with other tools. Any legacy tool that the organization decides to transition slowly or even retain the old tool and integrate it with Spiratest, the plugins are readily available. I started my journey as a user of Inflectra SpiraTest. It's more of preparing the road map or the strategy for the client and helping them migrate everything. I determine whether it is suitable for the client's needs. Sometimes it's the nature of the business model. It is driven more by the client's business model. Then the client determines whether to approve the tool that was tested. The client may have their own choice or their own tool. There's a lot of businesses. Based on all the criteria, I help the client make decisions on these things. But these days, the products are very salient. I do some analysis, some comparisons of SpiraTest, and other tools. SpiraTest is very mature and very stable, actually. For example, if you want to integrate with Jira or any other tool, they provide a plugin so you can continue to use Jira then call the test cases from SpiraTest assessment.

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We use the on-prem deployment model of this solution. My primary use case of this solution is as a repository and for executing the cases against different software builds that we have.

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