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What is Application Requirements Management?

In application development, a requirement is a specific description of a capability – something to which the app must conform. For example, if an application needs to be able accept the input of a social security number, then that input functionality will be a requirement of the app. Big application development projects can easily have thousands of requirements, necessitating the use of Application Requirements Management Software. Requirements management software helps document, prioritize and analyze requirements. It also may help bring stakeholders together to agree on requirements and then track their completion. Requirements management is a continuous process

Requirements management can be messy, given the often conflicting needs of business, IT and developer stakeholders. As a result, IT Central Station members who weigh in on requirements management software value usability for end users and flexibility for admins. The process is already complicated. The software shouldn’t be. Users want application requirements management solutions that are easy and fast to configure, with powerful workflows and schemes.

IT Central Station members recommend application requirements management tools that help with the traceability of requirements. It’s essential to know how requirements have changed over time – and who changed them. In some cases, users recommend having the ability to restrict change-making privileges or institute requirements change request (RCR) processes through the tool. On the other end, the best tools offer an impact analysis for new requirements. That way, if someone suggests a new requirement, the stakeholders can see how that might affect other requirements.

For big projects, the tool has to be able to handle large-scale requirements analyses. Larger organizations which may have multiple development stacks generally need requirements management platforms that are cross-methodology. This enables requirements to flow easily into Scrum, Kanban and so forth. Developers want to be able to use their preferred tools to go along with requirements management solutions.

Some users want a centralized location for better team collaboration. This might mean an online portal. Giving users the flexibility to build their own traceability reports without requiring coding is also considered helpful for productivity. Being able to automatically generate baseline to baseline redlines further adds to efficiency.

Application Requirements Management Reviews

Read reviews of Application Requirements Management that are trending in the IT Central Station community:
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Application requirements management report from it central station 2017 05 13
Find out what your peers are saying about Atlassian, IBM, Parasoft and others in Application Requirements Management.
209,588 professionals have used our research on 5,564 solutions.
Application requirements management report from it central station 2017 05 13
Find out what your peers are saying about Atlassian, IBM, Parasoft and others in Application Requirements Management.
209,588 professionals have used our research on 5,564 solutions.

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