What is your primary use case for Oracle Exadata?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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All business Oracle databases were spread across many DB servers and different platforms. We consolidated all of our databases onto a single Exadata box to ensure that they were running on the same platform and have greater coordination and integration between the databases. Also, we gained performance without much change in the database code, as well as saved a greater amount of space by applying the compression feature.

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We are service providers and provide this solution to our customers. We deploy the on-prem deployment model.

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Omnichannel multiprocessing.

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My primary use case is for EIMS (Enterprise Information Management Systems). We run this in the night time, and every day in the morning. Then the reports are readily available, so there is zero failure.

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Database Consolidation and Performance is best on this platform. It is tailor made to run the oracle database and hence the defaults on this device force you to choose oracle best practices. No more moaning by your storage admin that he wants to carve out the luns ,that he doesn't understand ASM stripe and Mirror Everything S.A.M.E and that he knows better what's good for the oracle database.Even the old x 2-2 can run version 18c of the database.

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Primarily OLTP but report is done against a combination of Materialized Views and transactional tables.

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