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What needs improvement with Broadcom Test Data Manager?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Broadcom Test Data Manager.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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44 Answers

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The UI could be improved and I see they are going to web-based. That's still in progress but I really hope all of that happens pretty soon and the entire UI gets migrated from the desktop to web-based. The integration with various utilities is also really important. That still has to happen. That's a major area for improvement.

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There are different modules for masking. There is a portal and there is a standalone application as well. The standalone application is more old-fashioned. When you write rules on this old-fashioned interface, because it has more complex functions available for use, you can't migrate them to the portal. We also have some security policies in our company that needed adaptation. For example, the people writing the rules would see all the production data, which is a large problem for us. It would be helpful if there was an increase in the ability to apply security policies.

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There are multiple things which can be improved in CA TDM. It has a feature called TDM Portal, where testers can find test data by themselves, based on multiple models. They can reserve the data so that it belongs to one group or individual. Obviously, that data is not available to anybody else. Without this tool, if somebody goes through the back end, via SQL and pulls that data, you can't do anything. But through the Portal, if somebody reserves the data, it's his. This feature is for one environment. But if a different group of testers wanted that data for a different environment, they can't use it via CA TDM. That feature doesn't exist. You have to build a portal or you have to bridge the two environments. That is a big challenge.

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The relationship between cables needs to be added. A lot of research, data analysis, and work needs to be done on the source system in the tool which requires a data expert. This tool definitely requires a senior person to work on this issue, as it might be a challenge for a tester.

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