What needs improvement with IBM Case Foundation?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with IBM Case Foundation.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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90% of the feedback we receive states that the UI is not very user-friendly. The icons and images should be bigger. Initially, I felt a bit lost but after a while, I got used to it — with a bit of practice, you can get used to anything. From my first impression, it just looked like a white page with some small icons. Another thing that is really high in demand here, especially in Qatar, is proper Arabic translation capabilities. Arabic is very high in demand, not just in Qatar but in the Middle East as a whole and Africa. When you translate it into Arabic, the labels and the interface translate pretty poorly — interface only, capability wise, it's fine.

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This product is still attached to some things from the past, on the way that it was built, and there are some things that should be improved, but those who work with it know how to work around these difficulties. Once a workflow is launched then it stays static forever, which is a problem because if there is a change in the business then you cannot change the workflow. You either stop the process and relaunch it at the place that it was, or you're going to leave with a process that is running. There are other products like IBM Lombardi or IBM BPM where it's easy, under certain conditions, to change the running workflows to the new business logic.

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The interface needs to be more user-friendly. In the next release, I would like to see better integration with ERP tools and an improved interface.

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My only thought on how the product could be improved would be the addition of some features that could be enhanced like the document viewer but I think the product is very good. I think some enhancements could be included in the next release. The content navigator is very good, and the viewer too. They could include music on the navigator, features like that. They need to concentrate on the document viewer itself which needs to be enhanced to manage the document comparison feature. It would be great if that were included.

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The solution needs more courses based on Dojo programming and Dojo processes. Their Java updates need to be reconsidered. I heard they would be removed, but that hasn't happened yet. They should support BPM language. Comparing the solution with other interfaces, IBM BPM is much better than Case Foundation. They need to make this solution's interface more user-friendly.

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My understanding is that IBM is actually shutting down the solution. They're moving to something called Digital Business Automation because Case Foundation uses a workflow engine that is relatively outdated. They haven't updated it in seven years. Instead, they're moving to a new line of products. They do the same thing but in a more modern and flexible way. A newer version will need better security, email integration, and scripting. The service as it currently stands is out-of-date and lacks flexibility.

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