What needs improvement with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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I will need some time to reflect on improvements as we are still exploring the product. Maybe in another two or three months, I'd have more insights. The customization can be a bit difficult.

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The server is very specific and it is very difficult to get experience with it.

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We had some challenges with the installation of this solution. We were using the open-source version with no support, and I expect that if we had the paid version then this would have been fixed. I would like to see better documentation for the open-source version.

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There are a lot of security settings that when you apply you have to re-apply again every time you modify a setting. It is something that really needs to be enhanced.

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