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Quality Assurance at Varroc Lighting System
Reviewed IBM Engineering Workflow Management: Gives us work distribution among…
Software Engineer at a financial services firm
Reviewed Visual Studio Team System: Fast and responsive with a…
Head of Software Development Department at ACT
Reviewed Visual Studio Team System: Good code management and sharing…
Applications Developer Specialist at a comms service provider
Reviewed IBM Engineering Workflow Management: An excellent holistic solution…
Independant IT Consultant
Reviewed Serena Solutions Business Manager: Allows you to get a fully…
IT Specialist at First Rand Bank Ltd.
Reviewed CA Harvest Software Change Manager: Powerful UDP functionality with a…
Software Methodology Engineer at a transportation company
Reviewed IBM Rational Synergy: Users must go through a lot of…
Chief Software Engineer at a K-12 educational company or school
Reviewed IBM Rational ClearCase: Highly reliable, easy to use, and…
Sr. Analyst/Technology Infrastructure at a energy/utilities company
Reviewed CA Endevor Software Change Manager: It was an easy install. Since it…
Owner at Myriade
Reviewed Visual Studio Team System: It is stable and scalable and the…