When evaluating IT Infrastructure Monitoring, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

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I think you need to look for:

1. Unifications. All aspects of the monitoring should be done by one or multiple tools. As an option, integration between tools should be possible.

2. Plug-in based or open architecture. Open Source will be a huge plus. In this case, you will have community support, and hiring the expert for widely used technology should not be the issue.

3. Tools should have quick support - monitoring could go down when you really need this. Open Source tools allow you to have a big market of engineers with good expertise.

4. Agree with other comments - ROI is very important here.

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The ability for the solution to correlate data from across the enterprise to remove noise in alerts, and for the alerts to be able to trigger automation to remediate a known problem/incident.

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I would propose to look at Infrastructure monitoring from a different perspective. The corollary I would use is to equate infrastructure monitoring to a big data problem with the need for automation. In today's world we have many infrastructure devices that transmit a large amount of data or telemetry and the key to quick automated response is to look at adjacencies and quickly determine corrective action. I suggest injecting the telemetry into an infrastructure data lake and apply some ML & AI applications to determine issues and automation to quickly solve. The amount of data produced has become daunting and I suggest taking a data driven approach instead of siloed Infrastructure monitoring tools.

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Peace of mind, Easy of use, ROI

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It's integration, helping to improve management capability, and ROI, how does it drive value (this include price).

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Our most important criteria include price, compatibility with our existing infrastructure, HIPAA compliance, and security.

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