2015-10-25 12:49:49 UTC

When evaluating Project Portfolio Management, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

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2019-04-26 05:47:47 UTC
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The most important I feel is the product roadmap and investments in the product line. Many tools are coming in market with best of the features. it all depends how this tool keeps up with those with long term plan

2017-12-05 10:58:24 UTC
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The most important point to look while evaluating project portfolio management are:
1. Which tool is providing more and best features. 2. What is the stability of the tool in all different type of user requirements.
3. How easy is the tool to customise as per requirement.

2017-08-04 17:32:12 UTC
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Configurability, ease of use, and scalability. I think many organizations start looking at price tag first. What they find is that they outgrow some of the smaller solutions in a year or two or they do not have all of the features. Then they will find that they are spending two to three times the amount of money than they did during the first implementation going to a larger solution. When evaluating a solution, you want to find one that suits your needs now and then will grow with you as the organization matures. Not one that you will have to switch out as the organization matures.

2017-01-04 21:59:52 UTC
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