2020-04-08 11:57:00 UTC

Which cloud-native database is the most similar to Oracle?

I work for a telecommunications company with 1,001-5,000 employees. 

We are currently researching cloud-native databases. Are there any solutions you would recommend that meet the following criteria:  

  • Achieves Multimaster
  • Robust replication features
  • RDBMS database - SQL, CLI, standard procedures

Thanks! I appreciate your help. 

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I have used IBM's DB2 Database on-premise. IBM also has DB2 on Cloud. DB2 does have replication tools. We have used MIMIX. It is also a relational database. It supports SQL, stored procedures and Command language (CL). It also supports High Availability environment.

I have not worked with Oracle Multimaster so I cannot comment on it. The user in question can definitely check out DB2 database. It's extremely reliable.

2020-04-22 09:20:28 UTC
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Kindly note that there is not database comparing with Oracle, but you can use Microsoft Azure/Amazon Aurora.

2020-04-23 07:36:42 UTC
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If what you mean by "cloud-native" is "managed" or "as a service", then Oracle database with replication, the turnkey solution right now is Amazon RDS using Oracle. However, replication is not using Oracle's replication engine but rather Amazon's own synchronous replication (probably block based on a filesystem) which allows for read replicas (possibly multiple). It is robust enough to allow actual DR fail overs across regions. Aside from replication it features managed standby.
The same applies for MySQL, Postgres or SQLServer under RDS - only read replicas, single master.
However, Aurora, which is a customized (proprietary) managed MySQL, does have multi-master replication across regions. But there are many things to configure for multiple writers, write conflicts, sharding for example. It is also robust as a DR solution and has standard RBMS features for SQL, stored procedures and a CLI.
I have no info on performance of Aurora, however - you just have to test it on your own.

2020-04-30 09:39:18 UTC
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Not sure what the person means by Cloud Native database.

In all cases, IBM databases Db2 (and Db2 Warehouse) are part of Cloud Pack for Data that offers micro-services end to end data and AI platform built on top of Openshift. Would also propose Postgresql:

All these databases are alternatives to Oracle.

2020-04-23 05:48:37 UTC
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You can refer to the tibero database of Korean tmaxsoft software company
More than 95% similar with oracle as below

1. Achieves Multimaster
2. Robust replication features
3. RDBMS database - SQL, CLI, standard procedures

2020-04-23 05:02:31 UTC
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