Which is a better software for HA and replication? Arcserve UDP or Double-Take?


I need to evaluate both as a replication tool but also full system HA for a few different environments. I would like some comments on both to understand what might work more effectively.

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You've correctly identified that Arcserve UDP Premium Plus (f.k.a. RHA) is a direct competitor to Double-Take in the area of asynchronous replication. Bottom line is both solutions are good. Double-Take has the advantage in its support for HP-UX. We feel that Arcserve UDP has the easier process when it comes to "fail-back" to the new Production environment. When you do your POC, be sure to test this functionality.

Full system or full server failover is another beast that you have to test carefully, especially if it's in a cluster. Sorry, I don't have enough direct experience to say which is better (I'd have to go ask my pre-sales engineer). Disclosure: we resell both products, although the majority of our experience is with Arcserve.

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Hi, while I’m not an expert in this field, through my investing research I keep hearing that Attunity Replicate is by far the best software out there for replication.

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Thanks @Clifford and @Marcel

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