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Which solution should we choose? - IceWarp, Zentyal, UCS, Collax, Scalix, Zimbra or Kollab?

We are currently considering Server solutions for Business Groupware and would like to hear your points of view regarding IceWarp compared to other typical comprehensive Server platforms such as: Zentyal, UCS, Collax, Scalix, Zimbra, Kollab etc. to name a few.

If you could mention your setup and experience, relating your opinions on the relative Strengths, Package Option, Support System (Help Desk), Licensing and Pricing = Estimated End User Annual Cost, it would be really helpful.

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I've taken a look at a number of groupware servers including open exchange,
Zimbra and Zarafa. I would have to say that Zarafa is the one that has come
out on top in my experience so far. The main thing I was looking for was
functionality like exchange so the service would appear the same to end
users as the old exchange environment they worked in. They were Outlook
users etc. Zarafa has its own version of Active Sync called Z-push which
was an important feature for us. It has a very neat webapp which users like
using and perfect integration with Outlook using native mapi.

I've started using it for a number of customers as we are an IT company.

The professional edition is EURO 28 per user per year, there's a small business
version for EURO 16 per user per year and a community edition for free.

I've also put customers on the cloud hosted version from The Email Laundry
as it bundles in their email security and comes with a 25Gb mailbox.

I'm afraid Ice Warp is one of the few messaging environments I haven't
worked with. I was reasonably impressed with the OX app suite but the
support was a big additional cost as far as I remember.

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