Managed to solve an critical integration problem faced

20000 people affected
40 people managed
6 month project

Project Description

Responsible in designing & producing a 3rd Party Vendor Implementation guide to be used by the Desktop deployment team for the E-Ticketing implementation of the Desktop system across 190 sites worldwide.

As the application does not belong to us, we are ‘handicapped’ by not knowing the ‘inner workings’ of the application. 

Due to the tight dateline, and since the application owner (vendor) is unable to come out with a solution workable for our Client. I had to take up the role to provide workaround to problems faced during the desktop roll out 

With the solution that I have came up with, the desktop team would have been able to deliver the desktop portion which fits the Customer's business requirement, resulting 100% successful cut over for the globally within the timeframe committed.


received a promotion
received recognition / award
support from colleagues


equipment incompatibility
steep learning curve
large no. of people impacted

Technologies Used


Excellence Award
  • Petaling Jaya3.10726101.607
  • Kuala Lumpur (MY)3.1412101.687
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