Top 4 Cloud Backup Tools 2017

Top 4 Cloud Backup Tools Q2 2017
What do users think about their cloud backup solutions?

What do cloud backup software users look for when choosing software for their backup and recovery needs?

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You can read user reviews for the top cloud backup tools of Q2 2017 here, to help you decide which solution is best for you.

In the review excerpts below, our users have ranked their cloud backup solutions according to valuable features, and share where they see room for improvement.

#1 Veeam Backup

Veeam Backup is ranked as the number one cloud backup solution of 2017 by our users -- but what do they really think about the tool?

How has Veeam Backup improved your organization?

Alberto Zampieri, Senior IT Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees, shares:

“Let me start by mentioning that, before Veeam, my company used to backup data with Microsoft Robocopy”, writes Zampieri.

He adds that “Backup times now are more than ten times faster and the data to be moved is only a fraction. This behavior has been improved with the new version, 9.5.”

Chris Childerhose, Systems Engineer at McMillan LLP also shares how Veeam has significantly increased the speed of backups, especially after its server was moved to a physical server and a Proxy server was created.

“With moving the Veeam server to a physical server and creating a Proxy server on each of the hosts we are able to leverage SAN based backup which is very fast. Jobs are completed overnight and never run into the business hours.”

How could Veeam Backup be improved further?

Heidar Afjeie, IT Project Manager at a tech company with 501-1,000 employees writes:

Not covering the physical environment is both a pro and con of the product. Many organizations still have to consider other enterprise class solutions because of their physical servers.

The other thing that they need to consider is the integration between Veeam and other storage vendors to use all the array level features to make backups even faster and more efficient. I guess Veeam needs to have a look at the enterprise market and not get stuck with small or mid-range forever.”

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#2 Code42 CrashPlan

IT Central Station users rank Code42 CrashPlan as the number two cloud backup solution of 2017.

What added value has Code42 CrashPlan given your company?

Andrew Salinger, Manager, IT at an engineering company with 1,001-5,000 employees, shares:

We save our end users time and our IT admins time. Both users spend less time fixing faulty backup solutions on remote backup hardware and software that each can get messed up; bad drives, bad backup locations, etc., not enough space.” 

Ken Bailey, Senior Desktop Engineer at a tech vendor with 1,001-5,000 employees also describes the time-saving factor enabled by Code42 CrashPlan

“It has improved our ability to have complete backups for people on legal hold and also ensuring everyone is backed up for compliance reasons. The ease of use has helped our users be sufficient and cut down on technician time.”

What additional features would you suggest adding to Code42 CrashPlan?

Michael Scarpelli, Director, Information Technology and Technical Support at a consultancy with 501-1,000 employees shares: 

“I would love the ability to export archives of old backup data in a .zip or something like that, but the system currently requires a restore to a workstation directly.” 

#3 Acronis Backup

Acronis Backup is ranked as the number three cloud backup solution by our users during 2017.

How has Acronis Backup benefited your organization?

Carter Allen, Owner at a tech services company, describes what he uses Acronis Backup for as a software developer, and how he has benefitted from the software:

“I use two products. I use the backup solution and I use something called Disk Director, which is a related product. Together, they allow me to manage all of my storage space.

I'm a software developer and I'm often reconfiguring things. These tools help me backup my workstations and servers on a regular basis. They also help me reconfigure for a new project.” 

#4 EMC Mozy Pro

IT Central Station users rank EMC Mozy Pro as the number four cloud backup solution of Q2 2017.

What added value has EMC Mozy Pro given your organization?

Daniel Mugamba, IT Specialist at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., points to the data restoration feature as giving his company the most added value: 

“The data restoration feature is the most valuable because the end user requires minimum support to recover lost data. Using the mobile client app has decreased the use of portable storage devices for data transfer.”

What additional features would you suggest adding to EMC Mozy Pro?

Mugamba continues to discuss the mobile client app, suggesting: 

“Through the mobile client app, users are able to share documents with other applications, such as email. 

I wish end users were also able to share documents within the Mozy client application without necessarily going through other apps.”


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