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What are the differences between IaaS, PaaS and SaaS? What are some considerations to take into account when choosing between PaaS, SaaS and IaaS?

Arpit DumkaIAAS - Infrastructure As A Service A blank server , nothing is installed . Eg- VmWare which can be used for below service:- 1. Ready to rent 2. Compute 3. Storage 4. Network PAAS - Platform As A Service 1. For developers - they deploy the code which requires some frameworf i.e apache. 2. We get - ready to use environment 3. Tools to create and deploy applications SAAS - Sofware As A Service 1. These are ready to use . 2. Gmail , google-drive etc . which are using by end user - The final product.
Muljo WitonoIaaS, provides you infrastructure services. If you want to buy a home, they provide you good location, good and secure land to build a house. To buy IaaS you need make sure it's a secure, stable and reliable service to run an application inside. PaaS, provides you platforms. If you want to buy a home, they provide you good house, good building, functional and healthy rooms. To buy Paas you need to consider it's a safe, functional and supporting operating system for your applications. SaaS, provides you application or software services. If you want to buy a home, they provide you rental house complete with its furniture and appliances. You just enter the house and live inside. SaaS must be built on top of good platform and infrastructure. Also, you need to make sure that applications work as you need 
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