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Storage Software Reviews

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Independent Analyst and Advisory Consultant at Server StorageIO -
Feb 23 2017

What do you think of EMC XtremSW Cache?

PART I EMC formerly announced VFCache (aka Project Lightning) an IO accelerator product that comprises a PCIe nand flash card (aka Solid State Device or SSD) and intelligent cache management software. In addition EMC is also talking about the next phase of the flash business unit and project Thunder. The approach EMC is taking with vFCache should not be a surprise given their history of starting out with memory and SSD evolving it into an intelligent cache optimized storage solution. Data center and storage IO performance capacity gap (Courtesy of Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking (CRC Press)) Could we see the future of where EMC will take VFCache along with other possible solutions already being hinted at by the EMC flash business unit by looking where they have...
Real User
Owner with 1-10 employees
May 27 2018

What do you think of Cloudian HyperStore?

Primary Use Case We are using it for video surveillance. Performance has been great. • Improvements to My Organization It's easy to manage. It doesn't require a lot of administration. It will let us grow. • Valuable Features The most valuable features are its scalability and Amazon S3 compatibility because we can move back and forth with a hybrid cloud. • Room for Improvement I'm really pretty satisfied with it. I suppose the cost could always be lower and they should continue to add the latest Amazon S3 features. • Use of Solution One to three years. • Stability Issues Stability has been great. • Scalability Issues Scalability is excellent. • Customer Service and Technical Support Support is very good. • Previous Solutions We were using something...

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IT Consultant at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Feb 26 2018

What do you think of DataCore SANsymphony?

Primary Use Case Oracle OLTP benchmark to test how it improves the performance while using flash drive NVMP. • Improvements to My Organization It is a well-proven, automated management tool in all dynamic provisioning, auto-tiering, great performance, parallel I/O, cache speed mechanism, etc.  • Valuable Features Parallel I/O, because there is no performance degrade nor cache hit when there is a 100% update and 70/30 read/write. There is no performance impact and latency is just 20 ms. • Room for Improvement Unified storage (all block, objects, and files) should be in a single storage pool with unified storage concepts, hence providing the user with whatever they want. • Use of Solution One to three years.
Owner at David Strom Inc.
Aug 16 2017

What do you think of DataCore SANsymphony?

Valuable Features: Easy to manage disk pools, different storage tiers and virtual storage repositories Continuous data protection just takes a single click to enable • Room for Improvement: Pricing can be confounding with many options • Other Advice: SANsymphony-V offers a comprehensive set of storage virtualization functions to build a very robust storage network that speeds up applications, ensures business continuity and facilitates disaster recovery.

Independent Analyst and Advisory Consultant
Greg Schulz is Founder and Sr Advisor of the independent IT advisory and consultancy firm Server StorageIO (StorageIO). StorageIO provides advisory and consultancy services in and around data infrastructure, cloud, virtualization, container, software-defined, NVMe, flash, object storage,... more>>

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